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Inspired by an entry you’ve read on The Social Work Practitioner?
Want to expand the conversation or head in a new direction?
Not blogging yet but want to take your writing skills out for a walk?

I am more than happy to consider an original essay or article for inclusion in TSWP.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • your article must be relevant to social work practice, supervision, program management, not-for-profits, or human services at large
  • 600 words or less
  • a submission means you’re okay with me editing it and cleaning up your punctuation, grammar, spelling, et cetera
  • I may kick it back to you with questions or to ask you to write a little more about something in particular
  • your contribution is yours, you own it, and are free to re-publish anywhere in the cyber-universe.

Just paste your submission into the ‘Talk to me’ field below and I’ll take it from there.

2 Responses to Be a guest blogger

  1. Helen West says:

    As a former homeless client in NYC with a Master’s Degree and Teacher Certification, I am dismayed with the lack of respect and honesty I identified and experienced in dealing with multiple shelters. You cannot be called a good social worker if you do nothing to help your client. You are not a good social worker if you ignore your clients’ health and mental health needs. You are definitely not a good social worker when you type false case notes and reports. And most importantly, your entire system is corrupt when a client becomes disabled as a result of the poor case management by the entities involved.


    • Craig Moncho says:

      Hello Ms. West,

      As indicated in my reply to a comment a reader sent in on one of my articles (“Cultural Humility, Part I”), I have been unable to process many of the comments I’ve received. I cannot even explain why, but ask you to please excuse me.

      Your comment came to me under my link titled, “Be a guest blogger”, which contains guidelines for those interested in being considered for publication. If you are interested in writing an article about your experience in shelter, by all means, if your submission follows the guidelines I would be more than happy to read it and consider it for publication. If not, perhaps you would resubmit your comment via the link in the particular article that inspired you to write it. Either way, I hope you are well, and thank you for taking the time to reach out.

      Best wishes,



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