Be a guest blogger

Inspired by an entry you’ve read on The Social Work Practitioner?
Want to expand the conversation or head in a new direction?
Not blogging yet but want to take your writing skills out for a walk?

I am more than happy to consider an original essay or article for inclusion in TSWP.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • your article must be relevant to social work practice, supervision, program management, not-for-profits, or human services at large
  • 600 words or less
  • a submission means you’re okay with me editing it and cleaning up your punctuation, grammar, spelling, et cetera
  • I may kick it back to you with questions or to ask you to write a little more about something in particular
  • your contribution is yours, you own it, and are free to re-publish anywhere in the cyber-universe.

Just paste your submission into the ‘Talk to me’ field below and I’ll take it from there.

Talk to me

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