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Hello! I’m now tweeting @SWPractitioner.

‘Follow’ along for the latest commentary and curated retweets on all things social justice and social service!


Happy New Year!

Now and again you’ll click on a link to an article and see this message “The page you requested could not be found” or some such.  While I continue working on other writing a while longer, I’ve decided to do a little quality control here at TSWP.  I’ve begun pulling down articles here and there for corrections, edits, and any relevant but minor updates.  If there are any significant updates, I’ll post them as a follow-up article.

Thanks for your understanding and patience, and keep on keepin’ on!


Hey everybody! Looks like I’ll be taking a bit of a break.  I’m writing an essay that may or may not appear on TSWP as a multi-part posting or, if I’m really brave, I’ll see if I can do a live performance somewhere—or both.  As for now, this piece is taking up all the time I can spare, so… I’ll catch you on the flip-side.

Stay tuned, and thanks!


Nothing this week folks—busy week.  Please consider browsing the archives for something you may have missed.  Thanks, and ‘see’ you on the 25th!


Inspired by J.T. O’Donnell’s invitation for writers to guest blog on her site, I have resurrected ‘Be a featured blogger’ as ‘Be a guest blogger.’  Let’s see if anyone takes me up on it.


Taking the week off, folks.  See you on the 21st!


Regarding social work salaries
The response to my two recent articles on social work salaries has been potent, both in terms of readers, as well as comments.  Most of those comments are posted on LinkedIn, in the various groups to which I post including, but not limited to: NASW, NASW-NYS, NonProfit Human – Social Issues & Services, Network for Social Work Management (NSWM), Network of Professional Social Workers (NPSW), and NYS Coalition of Social Workers.  Oh, how I wish I could have them all in one place (the blog).  I mention this by way of inviting you, if you are on LinkedIn, to follow (or join) the discussion in one of those forums.


The original title of the article “Social Workers Deserve Higher Pay Now” was “The Price Of Our Hearts” which does a better job, I think, of evoking my poetic nature.  Finalizing my decision by choosing a title that sounded so crassly commercial was initially a joke when I first thought of it—180 degrees opposite of what I was feeling about the topic.  Nonetheless, it has probably garnered more attention as a result, and that is a good thing.


Emailed NASW CEO Dr. Angelo McClain and NASW News with a “call to action, offer of support” in keeping with my article “Social Workers Deserve Higher Pay Now,” published 9/16/13.


New publishing day & time
Effective immediately, TSWP will publish Monday mornings at 7 a.m., EST.  The first post in this new schedule will be Monday, 8/19/13.  Previously, I had been publishing each Saturday morning.


Launched The Social Work Practitioner on with my first article, “Trust.”

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