Violence In the Shelter: The Price of Underfunding

Hello Readers!  It’s been a while…

This article is a personal response to a systemic and societal ill reflected in the abduction and murder of my colleague, Social Worker and NYC homeless shelter Director Ana Isabel Charle, who died senselessly nearly nine months ago.

So many have worked, and are working, so diligently to develop and implement a meaningful systemic response to this senseless tragedy.  This is my humble contribution to the effort.

Select the link below to view the article, and thanks!

Source: New York Nonprofit Media: Violence In the Shelter: The Price of Underfunding

The publication of this article was made possible through the generosity of NYN Media, with special thanks to Aimée Simpierre.

About Craig Moncho

Craig is a Social Worker licensed in the state of New York, with specializations in homeless services, mental health, and housing. He also had a successful psychotherapy practice in New York City, where he worked with individuals and couples.
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